Friday, August 31, 2012

Follow-Up on Those One-Word Prayers

I spent a few years with State Farm as a speech writer, writing others' words.  Then, I spent a few years as a technical writer, documenting technology research and experiments.  Both of those professional writing experiences were challenging and rewarding... But, I gotta tell ya...Writing my own blog has been a thrill so far!  I am still surprised every time I log into Blogger’s dashboard and see the number of times my blog has been viewed.  I get so excited every time I see that someone has made a comment or emailed me that they read my post.  It just seems a little amazing that all of you take time in your busy days to read what I have to say!

Of all my posts so far, I think I received the most comments in response to what I wrote about one-word prayers.  I explained that I had chosen the word “brave” for my daughter, Danielle.  It seems that many of you are wondering if I’ve seen her demonstrate bravery since we’ve been here in Haiti!   The answer is a resounding “yes”!  She has repeatedly stepped up in her role as the biggest sis in the family, being brave so that her little sisters will follow her lead.  Next week, we all start school and I know she will need to be brave as she encounters new students, new teachers, and a school environment that is completely different from the one where she attended preschool-2nd grade.

Several of you also asked me if I have chosen words for my other daughters.  I have, and I’d like to share them with you now!

I home-schooled my five-year-old, Elli, last year instead of sending her to preschool.  I will forever cherish that year at home with her.  On Monday, though, she will go to her very first day of Kindergarten in a place that’s all new to her.  It’s all new to me, too!  I feel like I haven’t been able to prepare her very well for what she’s about to do.  I don’t have any idea what it will be like for her...  I can’t give her a heads up about what she’ll see and do.  I won’t be in her class to sit by her side and encourage her and her big sis won’t be there, either.  And so, I’ve chosen the word “self-sufficient” for Elli.  It’s time for her to start doing more things for herself.  In a way, this prayer is for me, too.  It’s my all-through-the-day reminder to stop doing things for her that she can do on her own.  We had a talk the other day about how she needs to remember to get her towel off of its hook before she gets into the bath and then she needs to hang it back up when she’s all dried off.  I made up a reminder chart for her morning routine, which includes making her own bed and getting herself dressed and her teeth brushed.  Tonight, at supper, she looked at me and said, “Mommy, would you get me a fork please?” She was as polite as can be with her request!  But, I didn’t even make a move.  I looked at her and said, “You have permission to go get your own fork.”  And she did.  These are simple things, really.  But, they’re important.  

     Philippians 4:13  “I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength."

For Naomy, I’ve chosen the word “discovery.”  She will turn two in September, so isn’t that the perfect word for a two-year-old?  I don’t know how much of our year in Haiti she will remember as she grows... But, I do know that I want her to explore this new world around her and discover as much as she can about it.  She’ll see new things, smell different things, taste new foods, meet new people and hear people speaking in a whole new language.  I just pray that she will soak it all in!  Even if she doesn’t remember it all, I have a feeling that our time here will shape and mold her in ways I can’t imagine right now.  As her momma, it’s my job to keep her safe as she makes all of her discoveries, by providing limits and boundaries.  I can’t wait to see all that she learns and the ways she develops this year!

     Psalm 9: "I will praise you, oh Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders."

I am so eager to know if you have considered one-word prayers for your kiddos or other loved ones!  If you have, please post a comment or email me and let me know the words you’ve chosen and why.  I want to be amazed at how we’re covering our kids and others in prayer throughout our days...

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  1. Your prayers are perfect for your daughters! You have challenged me. I will be thinking of one word prayers for my kiddos, too!


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