Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Driveway Delivery

Matthew 6:34  "So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

I'd like to tell you a story about how God has met a series of challenges with amazing solutions.

Problem #1: We needed a truck to use in Haiti.
But, on the list of 107 other things that had to be done to get us there, finding a truck was near the bottom. We were running out of time.  Mark spent a whole Saturday at dealerships around town, looking at vehicles and asking questions.  He called me on his way home that day. The conversation went like this:
   Sarah: "So, what did you find?"
   Mark: "Nothing.  There is no way we will be able to find a working truck that fits our needs AND
   our budget. It's just not going to happen."
   Sarah: "Well, let's have dinner and worry about a truck tomorrow."

So, tomorrow arrived and there we were, worried about a truck again.  Mark was ready to visit dealerships in other towns and I didn't want to see him waste another day.
   Sarah: "Mark, I want you to let God take care of a truck."
   Mark: "What do you mean?"
   Sarah: "I think you're supposed to call Clinton."
   Mark: "Were we not just talking about a truck? What does Clinton have to do with it?"
   Sarah: "Well, remember that Sunday that we were talking to Norman at church about going to
   Haiti and we said we needed to find a truck?  Norman said we should call Clinton.  He said Clinton
   gets things done."
   Mark: "Yeah...He did say that. Should I just call him out of the blue?"
   Sarah: "Yep.  Just see if he has any ideas."

I went off to tend to kids.  Mark went to make the call.  I could hear him talking for maybe 25 minutes.  After he hung up the phone, he found me upstairs.  He was shaking his head like he was confused.
   Sarah: "So, what did Clinton think?  What did he say?"
   Mark: "He said he wants to take care of it."
   Sarah: "He what?"
   Mark: "He's going to take care of the truck."
We stood there blinking at each other for a minute.  Interesting!

A week and a half went by and other than a few calls, Clinton and another friend, Jerry, took care of ALL of the truck research, calling to get details, price negotiations and more on their own so that Mark and I could attend to other things.  Then, Clinton called and told Mark they had found just the right vehicle--it had everything we needed.

Solution #1: Truck found.

Problem #2: The truck was a couple thousand dollars out of our price range.
Little did we know that Clinton, Jerry, and Linda had already been networking at church, spreading the news about their search for a vehicle for us.  I received a text from Linda last week that went like this:
   Linda: "I am sending emails out that invite folks to be in ministry with you through contributions for
   the truck. We are directing checks payable to Hoops for Haiti and sent to your address asap."
   Sarah: [blinking, re-reading to make sure she understood that correctly] "Wow. I'm speechless."
   Linda: "Rest in His arms...and ours.  And, watch your mail."

Solution #2: I've been watching the mail, astonished as donations roll in, many of them accompanied by notes of encouragement that move me to tears.  As of today, the truck is fully paid for...with extra to help cover the cost of having it shipped from Miami to Haiti.

Problem #3: The truck is in Colorado.
   Mark: "So, I should probably leave tomorrow to go get the truck."
   Sarah: "But, I need you here.  Can you think of anyone who would go get it?"
Monday, Mark was talking to his dad about all that had taken place.
   Jim: "Buy me a one-way plane ticket.  I'll go get it."
   Mark: "Done."

Solution #3: Jim flew to Colorado on Tuesday, bought the truck, and drove it straight to Illinois.  At about 9:30 this morning, God delivered an answered prayer right to my driveway.  Signed, sealed, delivered...and paid for by the GRACE of God and the GENEROSITY of godly people who love us.

I took it for a drive tonight.  It's perfect, of course.  Four doors with room in the back for three little girls to sit safely and comfortably.  Open truck bed to haul all kinds of things, including materials for building basketball courts and/or approximately 10 Haitians (they have very, very different laws about riding in and on vehicles--that is, they have no such laws that we know of).  It's in good working condition, meaning we won't break down on potholed dirt roads. And, it's not TOO new or nice--so we won't stand out TOO much.  At least, we won't stand out because of the truck.  Because of being a white, obviously American family with one blonde and two fair-skinned, freckled, red-headed kiddos?? Yes.  But, not because of the truck.

To all of you who prayed for this truck with us, thank you.  To all of you who donated to this truck, thank you.  And, to those of you who did the work to obtain the truck, thank you.  Glory be to God Almighty, who sees us through each day and its troubles.

We.   Are.   Blessed.


  1. :) Okay, so a tiny, little happy face doesn't show, at all, the joy that is welling up within me for your answered prayers and generous blessings!! Woo Hoo!!

  2. Yay! Thanks for sharing the story! God is so good and He always provides!

  3. Go God!!! So exciting to see Him working in and through your family. Can't wait to see how He continues to use you to make His name great! Love you guys and Love the way you are following Him!!


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