Monday, July 23, 2012

Too Easy

The last couple of days have almost had me laughing.  Definitely smiling and shaking my head.  As we work through more details and preparations for our move to Haiti, we are finding time and time again that God has gone before us to prepare the way.  And I reflect back on these things whenever I'm beginning to feel anxious and I tell myself, "If He's been planning this for some time and He has taken care of things so far, he will not just leave us on our own once we get there.  He will continue to be with us."
Here are a few stories...

Last Thursday, one of my things to do was to call about a storage unit.  We need a smaller unit because we've been able to loan out several pieces of furniture to friends or family, and of course, we need it to be relatively inexpensive.  The facility that was first on my list to call came by a referral.  I dialed the number and told the person who answered that we needed a small storage unit...The response was that none of the smaller units were available and wouldn't be available until October--too late.  Darn. My mind quickly filled with angst...What if ALL the area storage facilities were full??!  What if the only one available was WAAAAAY on the other side of town? Ugh!  I delayed my panic long enough to open up "white pages" on my phone and dialed the first listing that came up for self storage facilities.

The end result?  This facility a) is located closer to our home than the first one I called; b) has a small unit available; and c) is less expensive.

Sweet.  Check that off the list!

Last week I also emailed the principal of the school where our two older kiddos will attend in Haiti--the Cowman International School.  I asked her for directions about how to order their school books so that I could get that going and they would have their books when school started.

Her reply was that back in May, she had decided to order extras to have on hand just in case.  Any guesses about exactly HOW MANY extras she had ordered?



The next thing on the list:  sell the minivan.  We weren't sure how to do it...  Should we sell it outright on our own or try to use it as a trade-in?  Well, God answered our question before we could even decide.  On Saturday evening, we were at Mark's aunt's house, enjoying time with family.  Kids were laughing and splashing in the pool and I was sitting and talking about how our preparations are coming along...  And, I mentioned that on the list of important things we needed to accomplish was selling our car.  Within a few moments, Mark's cousin looked at me and said, "It's a Honda Odyssey, right?"  Why, yes, it is! Well, whaddya know...  She's in the market for a minivan for her growing family.  And, she'd love to buy ours, knowing that we've taken good care of it while we've owned it.  SOLD!  The only hitch was that now she needed to sell HER car.

Yesterday, more family came in to celebrate a birthday and spend time together, but we were ready to head home.  As we pulled in our driveway around 5 pm, Mark received a text message on his phone.  It seems that Uncle Jack wants to buy her car.  Seriously?  And, that's when I was smiling and shaking my head.


I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. Isaiah 45:2

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  1. God is amazing! He works in ways we can't even imagine. I love the verse you quoted. God is certainly taking care of you, Mark, and the girls. Keep watching for more answers to your prayers!


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