Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Thing

I would love to write a post here for you tonight with several photos for you to enjoy...  But, that's not gonna happen.  Internet issues.

So, words are all I have to offer, and I'm going to make it quick because I am dog tired.

There are a lot of things that are much harder to do here in Haiti than they are in the U.S.  A LOT of things that are a LOT harder.

Although, for the moment, it seems that it's easier here to generate electricity, since it sounds like millions of Americans are without power, due to Superstorm Sandy (and to all of you, know we're praying BIG for your comfort and safety--even though you're probably unable to read this right now).

It's harder to get clothes clean and dry here.

It takes more time and energy to wash dishes here.

It's harder to get wherever you are going.

It's harder to communicate.

It's harder to keep anything clean.

It's harder to keep your yard free of unwanted roosters, tarantulas, and other random wildlife.

It's harder to buy cheese, beef, Very Cherry Jelly Bellies and WAY harder to get Starbucks here.

But, there is one thing that's not any more difficult to do here.  It's not harder to potty train a 2 year old here.  It's just as much work at there as it is here. (I know you've been wondering.)

Each time Naomy gives me that LOOK and urgently says, "Mommy!  Have to!" I don't sigh and think, "Oh, this would be so much simpler back at home."

As I rack up hours spent sitting with her in the bathroom, reading books about the potty and coaxing her to try, or cleaning up accidents or celebrating successes, I think, "If I were home right now, I would be doing the exact. same. thing."  (I'd be doing it with a mocha frappe latte something-or-other in my tummy and a few machines cleaning the dishes and laundry for me, but I'd still be doing it.)

I am not sure why this is comforting, but it is.

So, YAY for the potty and GOODBYE, diapers!
No, wait--here, we say BRAVO for the potty and OREVWA, diapers!

Ecclesiastes 7:8  "The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride."


  1. We're doing the same thing (on and off) here! :) You're a pro though, since you have 2 under your belt. I love reading your posts and hope everything else is going well for you guys. We all love you so much!

  2. Good job Naomy on the potty! We are still hit or miss here. Miss you!

  3. Sara
    I have tomato sauce for pizza, searching for goo gone. We are so excited to be coming to your neighborhood. Stand firm - help is on the way.

  4. You are SO right! Potty training is difficult no matter where you are. :) Just think, though, Naomy would be wearing so many more layers here in Illinois, which would mean more laundry to wash. Thankfully, you're in a warmer place which means less layers and less laundry! God bless you on this task, my dear Sarah!


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