Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Picture Day!

Last week, we had Picture Day at Cowman International School!  I was honored to be the photographer, although I ran into a few challenges.  First, it was difficult to find good light early in the morning before classes began and before children got their uniforms dirty on the playground.  Second, I had trouble finding the right camera settings that worked for the wide variety of beautiful skin tones.  Finally, the contrast between the bright white shirts of the uniforms with the dark navy skirts and pants didn’t help, either.  Add to that the work that goes into getting groups of small children to keep their eyes focused on the camera and not wiggling around or jabbing each other, and I had a big job to do that day! 

Nevertheless, I think most of the photos turned out okay.  I would like a re-do for the first grade class, but I’m not sure I’ll get the opportunity.

Parents and students alike were excited to have these photos taken!  I’ve learned that here in Haiti, it’s a big deal to be photographed and folks place a high value on printed pictures of themselves and loved ones.  They just don’t like to smile.  Try as I might, I could not get several of the students to smile.  Not even a little.   

Prints have been ordered and are on their way.  I know I'll treasure my copies as much as everyone else will.  I will never forget that day or any of these precious children. 

I wish that you could meet them all!  You would be tickled to see the preschool class marching in line behind their cheerful teacher, Miss Dee Dee.  And the Kindergarteners would be proud to demonstrate for you how they are learning to read aloud.

I'd introduce you to the first grade class--all girls except for one boy.  And the second grade class--all boys, but one spunky girl!  The third/fourth grade class seems mature beyond their years--they work hard and get along amazingly well.  

I've written here on my blog before about the 5th/6th grade class.  They listen so intently as I read James and the Giant Peach aloud to them (I'm still collecting copies!  I need just five more so that each student can have one).  I look at them and think I can practically SEE their minds conjuring up images of James and his giant insect friends on their adventure.  I've been mentoring the 5th grade girls on Thursday mornings.  We've just finished studying the book of Esther and several of our discussions have made an impact on me (and, I hope, on them!).  I love to listen to them pray and remember the priorities of a pre-teen girl...

And, I would share with you the struggles of the four high school students... Their descriptions of the frustrations of being away from friends at a time when other kids their age are starting to spend more time with peers than with parents.  

Please pray for all of them, for the teachers and staff, and our fearless leader and principal/Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bundy.

First Grade
Second Grade
Third/Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade
Upper School

I took the pictures below during chapel last Friday.

At first I was frustrated about this all-school photo, below.  Somehow, when I was on top of our truck snapping photos, I missed the fact that two second grade boys in the front were making faces in EVERY single shot!  Aaaarrrrgh!  But, now... a week later...  It’s my favorite photo!  Hahahaha...  I think I love it because it shows a bit of the character of our school.  Yeah, we’re here to learn...but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Now, I just laugh when I look at this photo.  Thank you, Lord, for second grade boys.  Amen.

Cowman International School 2012-13


  1. Oh, how I love you, Sarah Aubry! These pictures are precious. I love seeing their teachers, their smiles, just everything. Wish I was there....

  2. Teachers and learners... partners in a wonderful adventure together. So glad you are a part of it all!

  3. Sarah, these pictures are just precoius! You are doing God's work and blessing so many lives! Steph and I wanted to send you some books. Do you have some you would like? We'd like to get enough for the whole class. Just let us know what you need. Love you! Lauren says hi to Danielle!


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